The Friction Filled Enterprise is full of waste. Waste is the single-most frustrating contributor to friction. Waste is grist in the bearings; waste is gnawing suspicions; waste is the ignominious mediocrity that robs employees of passion, energy and creativity.
What is profoundly cumbersome is that some enterprises are filled with Industrial Age structures, and therefore, Industrial Age wastes. But they have transitioned portions of their operating units and P&L functions into the Information Age and are actually experiencing the new phenomenon of the 7 Wastes of the Information Age simultaneously with the 8 Wastes of the Industrial Age.

Taiichi Ohno's 8 Wastes of the Industrial Age:

1. Defects—Waste of energy in creating useless output
2. Overproduction — Waste of time and resources producing beyond demand
3. Waiting —Time wasted waiting for next step to start
4. Unused talent—Waste of human talent and skill and knowledge in building product
5. Transportation—Waste of time, resources, energy and costs unnecessarily moving production
6. Inventory — Waste of products and materials that are unprocessed
7. Motion — Waste of time and effort from unnecessary motion
8. Extra-processing— Waste of effort and time in producing higher quality than necessary

Agile Immersive's Seven Wastes of the Information Age [Flux, Inventory, Volume, Errata, Waiting, Mismatch, Defects (FIVEWMD)]

1. Flux—Waste of time, effort, energy and attention from real, virtual or hybrid processes that require non-value-added actions
2. Inventory — Waste of energy, effort and time on non-JIT or non-pull approaches
3. Volume—Waste of time for inaccurately forecasting data volume required to resolve root cause so refactoring is required
4. Errata — Waste of virtual or real resources from replicated deviations in physical or virtual deployment or release patterns that do not yield leaming 5. Waiting—Waste of time waiting for information system to deliver to expectations
6. Defects — Inadequate Code — Waste of production storage, computer and analytics resources and energy and rework to refactor code base
7. Mismatched Business Rules — Waste of time and solution tools because inaccurately captured problem set means solution set does not resolve root causes.

Some companies are finding they are caught in a "Maze of Frictions" from multiple dimensions of wastes: Industrial Age and Information Age at the same time.

Are you in the Maze of Friction? Friction Pattern
Are you delivering suboptimal solutions to customers in the cloud with an antiquated, integrated test framework in the back end? Maze
Is customer feedback always diluted through layers of management? Industrial
Does new product telemetry only seem to reveal rudimentary data attributes on new customers? Information
Latency in infrastructure increases with the complexity of process requests Information
New machine-learning team onboarded with pencil and paper forms Maze


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