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Friction Less Enterprise™ catapults your transformation into leading edge digitalization.

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Friction Less Enterprise™

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$428B Pharmaceutical Manufacturer | New Brunswick, NJ

I asked Agile Immersive to help me unravel a supply chain challenge that spanned the globe. They got to the root cause and solution steps quickly.


FBI Criminal Justice Information Service | Clarksburg, WV

Agile Immsersive is our goto for training in DEVOPS, Lean Budgeting and Agile Transformation and its impact on reorganizing our leadership layer to align with our strategic values.


$6B Electronic Health Records Company | Chicago, IL

Agile Immsersive are such professionals that are easy to work with. Our team learned a lot in a very short period of time. They provided feedback on continuous improvements with a friendly smile and positive attitude that impacted our executives.


$1.2B Hospital System | Atlanta, GA

Agile Immsersive joined a task force of best in breed consultancies to equip our CEO, COO, CIO and their direct reports in the change management and cultural piece of our digitalization that we were missing. Now we know how to make our vision stick across our sprawling network.


$4.4B Financial Services Company | Madison, WI

Agile Immsersive helped agility efforts really take hold. Strong consultant able to pull on deep experience to make highly impactful moves in our organization.


$2.3B Financial Services Company | Chicago, IL

Excellent job of aligning resources across multiple leadership layers and multiple vendors to get teams to consistently deliver high quality results on time, under budget.


$225M Medical Technology Firm | Kansas City, KA

Creative, enthusiastic and fully skilled consultant who directly helped us address major challenges in our leadership layers.

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