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A majority of  Forbes Global 2000 CEOs and CFOs could not refine a single line of code from one of their most junior software developer's code base. The global workforce knows this instinctively. Yet the rigid hierarchy remains. It's replicated over and over again across industries, nation-states and continents. There is a significant percentage of multinational companies and smaller enterprises that identified the weaknesses of outdated organizational theory and are transformed or are transforming into a new model [39 percent]. These transformation models include: [Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Lean Enterprise Scaling (LeSS), Agile Scrum, Lean Kanban, Tribal Scrum (Spotify Model), and Development & Operations (DEVOPS). These transformation models nudge enterprises in the direction of customer-centricity, automation and continuous improvement. 

I have spent 25 years in various leadership capacities across multiple industries and multiple continents around the world. As the Global Practice Leader for Strategy Consulting for Agile Immersive, I have had the privilege of spending tens of thousands of hours with the topmost leaders and their direct reports for the Forbes Global 2000. My experience and the experience of other Agile Immersive employees, contractors and vendors are that these well-devised transformation models lead to partial, sometimes superficial, and, unfortunately, reversible change. They do not require an irreversible pivot into a new way of thinking and working and organizing. They do not leverage Big Data Analytics to shape how human beings perform their work or machine learning into the layers of what I consider table stakes for 21st-century enterprises. 

I believe modern humanity needs Information-Age appliances. This is why I invented "LeanForward.App." It's the fulcrum on which you can pivot yourself, your team, your portfolio or your enterprise. And frankly, beyond your transformation is the wider consideration of entire industries, economies and our world. With this fulcrum comes a ferocious amount of raw data, analytics and evaluation to measure when, who, what and how well we pivot, so we can instruct our teams, clusters, portfolios, enterprises, industries and economies around the world. "Leanloward.App" culture is humble, radically transparent and fanatically curious. My LEEJ Score is 90-91-45-78G. My growth path is to counter my potential for cynical manipulation of people and egocentric consideration instead of holistic awareness and the pursuit of ways to enable others, not exploit them. Flip to the "Quick Start Guide" in Chapter 7 to learn how to read a LEEJ Score and how to get your own. 


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