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An Ideal Team Living With the DFFP Cycle A central tenet of Friction Less Enterprise is that the ideal individual, team, shillaill= enterprise does not need ideal circumstances to realize value immediatidmi If an organization has adopted a DEVOPS design, develop and release pattern, then Agile Immersive recommends keeping that cultural shift and operational pattern. DEVOPS helps solve large pieces of the disconnect between development and operations. Friction Less Enterprise delivers more than that. Agile Immersive will anonymize the members of this and future scenarios in this book and series. We take individual rights to privacy and anonymity seriously. None of the names are real; however, the corresponding data matches approximate LED Scores of real people. This fictional scenario is designed to introduce you to what it looks like to live and work while becoming a Friction Less Enterprise on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. 

Meet Ideal Team Silverline of Fictional Company, Inc. slotted to deliver Online Banking Login Enhancements

1. Ithakar has been a business systems analyst for 12 years and is angling for a promotion to a management position in another business unit of Fictional Company, Inc. soon. He has held several positions across the company and has strong critical-thinking skills. Ithakar stumbled on the LeanForward.App book on Reddit and convinced a core team of managers to fund the book purchase for the team and individual assessments on the platform.
2. Ming connects virtually from Seoul, Korea, and comes from a downsized operations team and is actively floating her resume to external recruiters while she is not contributing to Team Silverline.
3. Fou connects virtually from Seoul, Korea, and is a solid, highly respected and highly proficient Java coder who almost never misses a deadline. Fou has short tenure, but her quality code makes her seem indispensable to management.
4. Tammy is an intern who has been converted to a full-time employee. She gets her work done but doesn't relish new techniques or approaches and rarely ventures out of her comfort zone.
5. Lisa is our creative butterfly who lightens every room she enters! Her design aesthetic is Contemporary Nouveau, and customers seem to really respond to the products she influences.
6. Phillip has been a Fictional Company Inc. industrial engineer, process reengineer and is now our business process engineer for login enhancements. He never smiles, knows Los Angeles Dodgers baseball like a savant and is all business all the time. Paul built the fiber optic backbone for our company two years ago and can't seem to keep the boundaries between social interactions and work interactions separate. He is a profoundly hard worker. 

Team Silverline is supervised by a matrix of managers from across Fictional Company, Inc. No one besides the Silverline team in Fictional Company, Inc. has read the LeanForward.App book or taken the LeanForward.App assessment or even heard of the concept of Friction Less Enterprise, Ideal Team Construct, or Lean Manufacturing. Within Silverline, only Phillip and Ithakar have read LeanForward.App cover to cover and are active in the online community to learn more about using DFFP on a daily basis to deliver higher quality products to customers. The other five members of the team flipped to the Quick Start guide and perused it well enough to create Distill artifacts and took the assessment to figure out their individual LEEJ Scores. 

Member Concentration Team Allocation Percent LEEJ Score(F=Financial Service)
Ithakar Business System Analyst 100 percent 19-45-33-57F
Ming Operations Analyst 50 percent 09-08-22-22F
Fou Java Programmer 100 percent 11-11-09-45F
Tammy Java Programmer 50 percent 12-11-08-44F
Lisa UX Designer 50 perent 93-33-34-20F
Phillip Business Process Engineer 50 percent 44-21-22-90F
Paul Network Infrastructure Technitian 100 percent 51-67-39-88F
Team Score 59-39-48-78F


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